Democrat for Bucks County District Attorney

Antonetta Stancu

Democrat for Bucks County District Attorney

Antonetta Stancu

Democrat for Bucks County District Attorney

Antonetta Stancu

An Innovative Plan to Improve Justice in Bucks County

Focus On Mental Health

Today our criminal justice system is failing to address a serious mental health crisis in our county; a mental health crisis that is leading to increased opioid use and increased crime. Our system today isn’t working for anyone.  Our teachers, nurses and police officers are being called to fill the void of a Mental Health Court system.  We are failing our citizens who are paying taxes for our Police Officers and Jails now asked to act as social workers, and we are failing those who are facing personal crisis and end up arrested and in jail time after time without getting any sort of proper treatment. 

Over the last 17 years, Antonetta has seen first hand how those who suffer from mental health illness are thrown into a justice system that has no options to assist them.  Without any sort of mental health infrastructure, there is no resolution to adequately accomplish justice. As both a prosecutor and defense attorney, she has seen cases where defendants took plea deals that prevented jail time simply because there was no outcome that could address the true issue at hand — their mental health.  The lack of mental health treatment is the single largest reason for recidivism of crime in Bucks County.  

Bucks County is the only “collar county” without a Mental Health Court.  Antonetta has seen how this void is falling on citizens of the county to correct.  Without a proper outlet, our officers, nurses, teachers and neighbors are having to do the job the court system is failing to do.

Antonetta will ensure mental health is an issue that we not only acknowledge but tackle.

Antonetta will institute a mental health division in the District Attorney’s Office and fight for the implementation of a Mental Health Court.  She will also create a task force designed to work with police departments and the Probation Department in order to make sure mental health professionals are available and on-call to assist officers.  She will work to ensure that our drug treatment courts and drug diversionary programs incorporate mental health treatment requirements.

Rebuilding the Bridge Between Law Enforcement and the Community

Almost a decade ago, Antonetta and her husband chose to begin their family in Bucks County.  She knows and treasures how wonderful this county is.  However, the county is not immune to the issues that plague our nation.  There is a divide between law enforcement and citizens.  Antonetta will work with community members and police officers to rebuild the bridge that has been broken.  

Through her experience in Bronx County, NY, Antonetta has seen the impact that the divide between our officers and the community has on the judicial system.  It can diminish trust in every officer and prosecutor.  That is why Antonetta intends to institute training for all officers on a Community Policing Model.  

I was once told by an officer that he preferred to spend his dinner breaks having dinner with members of his community because he wanted to get to know who they were, THAT is Community Policing. THAT is what should and can happen in Bucks County.” – Antonetta Stancu

A community policing model means officers who know the community and citizens who know their officers.  Antonetta would support programs that bring the community together and end the divide.  To that end, she will institute a Community Unification Prosecution model.  Prosecutors from the office would attend community events and make themselves available to members of the community.  

The Community Unification Project would focus on prosecutors interacting with the community.  Communities that struggle with high crime rates would be assigned prosecutors who are familiar with those communities and the issues that plague them.  Antonetta would also ensure that the office was representative of the community.  Antonetta will ensure diversity in the hiring process so that staff and attorneys reflect the diverse make-up of the community. 


Reforming Criminal Justice/Protecting our rights

Antonetta has worked hard throughout her career to improve our criminal justice system.  She has garnered the respect of law enforcement and citizens alike.  As a result, she has trained police officers on proper procedures for searches and protecting the rights of suspects and authored policies and guidelines for these officers.  

Antonetta will advocate that all police officers wear body cameras, that all patrol vehicles be equipped with cameras, that less lethal force options be made available to every Bucks County  officer, and that all field training officers receive de-escalation training.    

As our District Attorney, Antonetta will work to ensure our justice system is fair to everyone. She will expand and improve drug treatment courts in Bucks County, reform the cash bail system, and establish ethics and transparency standards for the district attorney’s office.  Antonetta will strive for fairness in every single case regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.

Antonetta will end the prosecution of possession of medicinal marijuana and will also end prosecution for the possession of small amounts of marijuana. She believes the resources expended on prosecuting these cases far outweighs any benefits. 

“Being tough but fair means recognizing where resources need to be allocated and when it simply doesn’t make sense.” – Antonetta Stancu

Reversing The Opioid Epidemic

We are losing the war on drugs.  Antonetta believes the main reason we are failing in this fight is the lack of mental health treatment available to those battling drug addiction aka substance use disorder.  Treating underlying mental health issues is essential in order to successfully combat substance use disorder. Antonetta will work with rehabilitation and recovery professionals to ensure proper treatment is made available to those suffering from addiction and along with it addressing the other mental health issues that may underlie it.

In addition to making mental health treatment available to those battling addiction, Antonetta will expand diversionary programs to include a focus on this treatment. She will also focus on getting opioids off the streets.  She will fight to prosecute doctors responsible for over-prescribing.

In 2017, Antonetta was awarded the Pennsylvania Narcotics Officer Association’s “Outstanding Prosecutor’s Award” for her prosecution of a millionaire doctor who was over-prescribing to patients he had never even met.  The prosecution was a challenging case, but her successful prosecution may have saved dozens of lives.

“I will go after doctors that practice with greed and self-interest by preying on those suffering from addiction. Ignoring their oath will be met with a full and tough prosecution.” – Antonetta Stancu

Fighting Domestic Violence

Antonetta has worked tirelessly to fight for justice for survivors of Domestic Violence.  She has seen the effects that domestic violence has on a family and the cycle of violence that continues through family members.  Antonetta will work hand-in-hand with victim advocacy groups to ensure the support and resources are provided to victims of Domestic Violence early on.  She will require training for prosecutors to ensure success in these cases.  Antonetta has seen hundreds of cases where victims are not cooperative in the prosecution because they don’t trust the system to keep them safe.  The length of time between reporting and court appearance is often months.  After months without support, a victim feels hopeless and more often than not, defeated. Antonetta will work to shorten the time that abusers are brought to justice and support victims so they have proper resources to confront their abusers.

“The goal is to empower the victim to move forward and to make sure that they have the resources to be able to leave the bad situation.”  – Antonetta Stancu

Reducing Gun Violence In Our Neighborhoods

Antonetta served as a Violent Crimes prosecutor in each of the offices she served.  She has prosecuted hundreds of gun-related offenses, many involving violent acts.  The repeated theme in these cases was that these guns were purchased illegally.  

In 2018, Antonetta was awarded commendations from Attorney General Josh Shapiro and the FBI for her work with the AG’s office Gun Violence Task Force.  Her diligent prosecution ensured that a man who had illegally purchased almost a dozen firearms was taken off the streets. It was suspected that these weapons were purchased in order to be sent overseas to be used by terrorists. She worked with state agents, local law enforcement and with local gun shop owners and employees throughout the process. 

“Why doesn’t Bucks County have a gun violence task force?  I have seen first-hand the damage irresponsible gun use has caused Pennsylvania families. I have prosecuted hundreds of cases that ended in gun violence.  I have spoken to gun shop owners who support the prosecution of illegal gun purchases.  No one wants guns in the wrong hands.” – Antonetta Stancu

As District Attorney, Antonetta will create an effective gun violence task force that will work with communities, gun shop owners, and law enforcement.  She will demand justice for every victim of senseless gun violence.  

Preserving Our Environment And Workplace Safety Crimes

Antonetta will create a commission to review the prosecution of environmental and workplace safety crimes.  These crimes are currently being ignored.  She will work with state and federal agencies to ensure thorough investigations against businesses that gain unfair advantage over competitors by circumventing rules and regulations.

Bucks County residents deserve clean air and water.  As our District Attorney, Antonetta will hold polluters accountable. 

Ensuring our safe spaces are protected and the quality of our environment will be a focus.  I will create a commission to ensure that these issues are at the forefront of the office’s concerns.” – Antonetta Stancu

Protecting Our Seniors From Fraud And Abuse

Our seniors deserve justice as does every citizen of the County.  Far too often, they are the perfect prey for criminal behavior.  Antonetta will fight to protect our seniors from financial and physical abuse.  

In 2014, Antonetta prosecuted a 74 year old woman who had physically abused her husband for years.  Her husband was in the early stages of dementia and was perfect prey.  During the course of this vigorous investigation, it was discovered that she had abused her three children for decades.  The abuse included pouring hot coffee on their backs, beating them with a baseball bat and other cruel forms of physical and mental attacks.

Through this successful prosecution, justice was served for this family after a lifetime of brutal abuse.  

“Our seniors are our parents, our grandparents and our neighbors.  They deserve our protection.  I will prosecute those who target our vulnerable citizens to the fullest.” – Antonetta Stancu

Ending Corruption

Antonetta has been designated a special prosecutor in Montgomery County twice, an honor awarded to trusted prosecutors.  Her work as a special prosecutor shows her bi-partisan prosecution of corrupt politicians.  Antonetta received a commendation from the office for her assistance in the prosecution of former Attorney General Kathleen Kane.  

Antonetta will prosecute corruption within our county.  Her experience in detailed and controversial political prosecution has taught her that “what’s right is right”.  She will create a unit designed to investigate and prosecute corruption.  She will ensure that if someone commits a crime, they will be prosecuted regardless of political or organizational affiliation.

“Politics should have no role in a decision to prosecute or not.” – Antonetta Stancu