Antonetta Stancu

Why I’m Running

After 17 years of fighting for justice, I have seen how ignoring the serious mental health crisis in our area has resulted in an increase in crime rates, recidivism, and drug use.  Without addressing the mental health epidemic, individuals are being cycled in and out of the judicial system without addressing the true issues at hand.

I want to unify the Bucks community. Like so much of America, Bucks County has become a house divided.  Enough is enough, it is time to re-build the bridge between our residents and our law enforcement community, it is time to eliminate politics from the criminal justice system, it is time to fight for community programs that reunite police, prosecutors, and our neighborhoods. I will fight for justice for every victim, survivor, witness, defendant and police officer.

We must do better. We deserve a system that no longer ignores or diminishes the issues that have plagued our community for decades. It’s time to address mental health, truly fight the opioid epidemic, attack gun violence, fight environmental hazards, end elder abuse, and work to improve our criminal justice policies.

I am proud of the reputation I have earned both in the courtroom and out, a reputation for fighting hard for justice, a reputation for being tough but fair.

It’s time for a tough but fair District Attorney in Bucks County. It’s time for a change.



Antonetta Stancu
Democrat for Bucks County District Attorney